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About you.

AJB Wealth attracts people who value a highly personalised service. Some of our clients have significant wealth; others have relatively modest sums. Either way, we are here to help. We charge competitive, transparent fees. This is why we have been working with many of our clients for decades, as their family’s trusted advisers.
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Some clients are extremely knowledgeable about investment, but don’t have the time or inclination to manage their portfolio. Or they may simply wish to benefit from the access to information, or economies of scale, available to investment professionals.

People come to AJB Wealth for many different reasons, but share similar goals; such as growing or maintaining their wealth, and ensuring financial security. The most appropriate strategy will be unique to each client. We spend time getting to know all about you — your plans, your wants and your needs. Only then do we form a strategy.

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Some clients are new to investment and beginning to look into managing their wealth. They may have inherited money or sold their business. We help them navigate what might be an unfamiliar world. Others already have an investment portfolio, but want a second opinion. They may want their investments to managed more closely. Moving from advisory management to discretionary can achieve this.

We can help clients approaching, or already in, retirement. We do this through prudent risk management – maximising income and protecting capital. Retirement is also a good time to begin planning your intergenerational wealth transfer. Proper planning can secure the best outcome for you, your children and grandchildren.

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Whatever their situation, we know our clients put a great deal of trust in us. From AJB Wealth you can expect prudent advice, maximised growth, and well-managed risk. This is what we supply.

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